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Bravo!!A wonderful hilarious production.Thank you for a grand night of fun and laughter last June 25th. You all did a great job. We thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended the production to friends. Thank you for all the time and effort you all put in to finding a play, casting and rehearsing. We see your troupe as having a grand time performing. Thanks again. Returning patrons.
Bob & Nadine M.

J. Vance: 'Start 2 Finish.' It was a laugh riot; the rest of the audience and I laughed from start to finish. I was surprised to learn it was the first time this play ever had been on stage -- anywhere. 










" Start 2 Finish" was one of the better plays we have seen in a long time. The cast was great and it moved along quite well. I talked to some folks and they were sorry they missed it. Kathy and I both feel you should send a manuscript to Jeff Daniels @ the purple Rose … Great Job and Kelly was just great too !! Pat and Kathy C.










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