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Game Night :


2 male 2 female


Jack is a newly retired union worker, who is realizing everything he knows and is comfortable with, is now gone. Wife Julie is ready to embark on new adventures, much to Jack’s chagrin and as many retired couples do, they move and start life anew. This play follows Jack and Julie through their first weeks of retirement, with rollicking results.












13 females 8 males + band mates


When the second world war is all over, and the USO tour wraps up, the entertainers are now looking at each other with the question of "What Now"?




Specifically designed for school drama departments and civic theatres for teen shows.  Low cost production.










Things She Said



3 males 2 females



The retelling of love through the eyes of the man who lived it.  And the warm remembrances of yesterday















A Comedy set in 1915

New Orleans


Sometimes, you are more popular dead than alive.

Orisis Folly



An Ariel Piece written for the Aerial Dragonfly studio.

Currently in production










...But The Rope Broke


5 men

4 women



This is a dark comedy about a has-been comedian who finds the strength to be on top again

After hitting rock bottom, Wally Lawrence encounters his much grimmer-self

This sad sack is named Larry - Wally’s id

By seeing Larry and interacting with him, Wally pulls out of his nose-dive with funny, insightful thoughts

A specialized play about depression, and making the decision to move forward

Suitable for adult audiences with adult situations

READ THE BEGINNING HERE and place your order.









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