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Jeremy Stemen was born and raised in rural Northwest Ohio, in a small town called Convoy.  Moving to the Metro Detroit area allows him to draw from experiences in the farm land and the big city.  


He has crafted several plays and is in the process of creating an animated series, as well as two screenplays.


The aforementioned plays range from comedies, dramedies, dark comedies and a musicals.  With a dash of dramas thrown in as well.


His first play hit the stage in 2010 at the Barn Theatre in Port Sanilac, Michigan.  That play was called "Game Night" (the title in it's first run was "Start 2 Finish".


He has gone on to writing a commissioned piece for an Aerial Silk group, as well as a high school band and drama production.


Jeffery Pedue, Kelly Kennedy and Jeremy created the Blue Water Film Festival that lasted for 5 years and was viewed by many as a top festival in the state of Michigan.  The Blue Water Film Festival was created to bring movies, movie stars and movie makers to the Blue Water Area.   The festival was thrilled to have such people as Ellen Burstyn, Timothy Busfield, Curtis Armstrong, Sid Haig, Dave Coulier, Loni Love, Chili Challis, J. Chris Newburg,  Chris Gore, Allen Maldonaldo, Gavin Grazer and many many more.


The 'Entertainment Monkey' is a business exploration of Jeremy.  Connecting writers looking to work together.

Jeremy is a member of the Dramatist's Guild.


If you would like something written for you or your group, please contact Jeremy at












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